About us:

Hello and welcome on Global Microstock founded by Luca Rossatti, we are working for make available thousands of high quality images for every type of use from personal uses to professional uses like in advertising or merchandising.
We focus on details, quality, we try to give the best experience possible at our customers and we work very hard for grant you the best experience through our website.
We have every type of photos landscapes, wildlife, architecture, food, still life, editorial photos, illustrations etc…

Who is Luca Rossatti:

  • I’m Luca and i’m the founder of Global Microstock and at the same time a professional photographer i have many years of experience and my main goal is to share my passion with you, i’m ever at the research of the best photos in this huge world trying to freeze and show at everyone that incredible moment; I’m specialized in Wildlife photography imagine being there in the nature, infront a beautiful animal with the noise of the wind, there is no one around you, there is only you and the animal, you take your camera and you freeze that unique moment”

Deer on the alps - Global Microstock

Feel free to explore our website and we hope you will enjoy it.